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Subject:eMAR News - 13/09/2014

Cloud based maintenance research project

Classification society ClassNK is embarking on a joint research project with Daihatsu Diesel Mfg Co Ltd to test the feasibility of cloud based condition based monitoring and automatic diagnostic systems on auxiliary equipment.


Maritime to dominate satellite market in next decade

Satellite market research company NSR has issued a report claiming that the maritime sector is set to dominate demand for FSS satellite capacity, requiring approximately 160 satellite transponders by 2023.


Planning for a future of unmanned ships

Researchers at MARINTEK believe that in ten to twenty years time there will be 200 metre cargo vessels plying the oceans without the need of a captain or crew. But before this can happen, we will be seeing the technology working on an existing vessel.


SkyFile Mail Manager

The new tool provides reporting and control of all user accounts, and features flexible user rights and ship/fleet grouping options. Information such as call-logs and vessel activity can be checked as required from a single location.


TV@Sea for merchant maritime

Sending video over satellite has traditionally been seen as something best avoided in the merchant maritime sector, prohibitively expensive and likely to clog up the communications link. However, Inmarsat and KVH have now introduced ship entertainment systems that claim to remove these issues – and finally offer seafarers the very latest in TV at sea.

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