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Subject:i-Ship Reporting System
New era for Maritime Transport:

The i-Ship Reporting System is on its way!
eMAR Project proudly presents another innovation for the shipping industry.

INLECOM and CLMS – in the context of the eMAR project – have recently completed the first phase testing of submitting messages to EMSA’s prototype Maritime Single Window (IMP) through an Intelligent Reporting Gateway, the i-Ship Reporting system.

The i-Ship Reporting System facilitates system-to-system integration between shipping companies’ IT systems and Maritime Single Windows and provides a unified approach to European National Single Windows.

The i-Ship Reporting system was presented to EMSA in Lisbon on 12/09 (features and IT architecture) including the IMP adaptor thus briefing EMSA on progress achieved to date.

eMAR and ANna projects have made a unique agreement to develop common pilots and put them through vigorous real life testing so as to produce robust systems. Under this agreement, interested shipping companies can submit an application at to test the i-Ship Reporting System, free of charge.

For any further details please do not hesitate to contact the eMAR’s PRESS OFFICE:


Mary Efthymiatou – Press & Dissemination Executive

+30 6946 468138

INFO : eMAR - e-Maritime strategic framework and pilot implementation is a Large-scale integrating project funded under the 7th FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME of the European Union under the Contract No SST–2008–TREN–1 (SST.2010.5.2-5)

  • You can can download the Press Release here
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