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Subject:eMAR News - 02/08/2014

AIS Data for Emissions Reduction

With emissions reduction firmly on the industry’s agenda, studies show that carrying out ship emission calculations, based on AIS data, can offer significant benefits.


EU Adopts Maritime Activities Planning Legislation

The EU’s General Affairs Council has adopted legislation to improve the planning of maritime activities. The new Maritime Spatial Planning Directive will help Member States develop and coordinate various activities taking place at sea so that they are as efficient and sustainable as possible.


Cyber insecurity on the high seas threatens international shipping

The threat to global shipping in the future may not be pirates or terrorists, but hackers – people accessing shipboard systems via computers, either on the ship or thousands of miles away on dry land.


Bureau Veritas Testing Single Window Software

Bureau Veritas Group has launched Maritime Pilot Phase for its Single Window for foreign trade in Togo, Africa.


‘Connected ship’ ambitions

The marine industry has been called on to embrace technology that delivers real-time situational awareness to improve vessel navigation, safety and efficiency.

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