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Subject:eMAR News - 26/07/2014

ESA to expand marine traffic monitoring via satellite

Improving identification and tracking of seafaring vessels anywhere on Earth.


Electronic Navigation & Dispute Resolution: Coming of Age

Electronic navigation systems such as GPS, Electronic Chart Displays (ECDIS) and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) provide great assistance to mariners and significantly contribute to navigational safety.


EU Adopts Maritime Activities Planning Legislation

The EU’s General Affairs Council has adopted legislation to improve the planning of maritime activities. The new Maritime Spatial Planning Directive will help Member States develop and coordinate various activities taking place at sea so that they are as efficient and sustainable as possible.


The I2C Project

The I2C (Integrated System for Interoperable sensors & Information sources for Common abnormal vessel behaviour detection & Collaborative identification of threat) integration project proposes a new generation of innovative sea border surveillance end to end systems integrating key existing and in development capacities to track all vessel movements and activities to early identify and report on EUROSUR threats (clandestine immigration, law enforcement, illegal fishing, terrorism...) associated with detected abnormal vessel behaviours.

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