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Subject:eMAR News - 19/07/2014

Harmonised e-reporting procedures for all vessels since June 2015

A new era for global maritime is to be unveiled on June 2015. The European Commission adopted on June 25th the report on the functioning of the Reporting Formalities Directive


Half of crew lack 'reasonable' access to communications, says survey

Comprehensive survey of seafarers by Futurenautics Research in association with InterManager, ISWAN, PTC, BIMCO and CrewToo finds access is an improving picture, but reveals certain sectors offering far poorer crew communications provision than others, with up to 30% of crew in some without access to a telephone.


Cutting European maritime shipping barriers

The European Commission recently released a report on the progress made towards simplifying administrative formalities for ships calling EU ports.


Marine Information Technology and Risks It Brings

The threat to the marine sector – from malicious attacks on systems and organisations via information technology – is real, Bernard Twomey and Jonathan Earthy of Lloyd’s Register Marine explained while addressing the London Joint Hull Committee on Monday.

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