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Subject:eMAR News - 12/07/2014

VDRs: Promising Standards But Not There Yet

New performance standards for voyage data recorders, VDRs, come into force today. While the measures, which apply to newbuild and retrofits,s under the IMO’s MSC.333(90) may resolve many of the concerns expressed by maritime accident investigation agencies over the years here remains a way to go before the situation is satisfactory.


Euro comms project

EPISECC is a project to ‘Establish a Pan­European Information Space to Enhance SeCurity of Citizens’. To tackle disasters, such as earthquakes or large floods, rescue teams from different countries may need to collaborate. These teams use various different technologies and protocols for communication, often incompatible with each other. The EPISECC project aims to improve the conditions for communications between different entities.


MEOSAR – building on three decades of SAR technology

Search and Rescue technology is fundamental to safety of life at sea, and satellite distress systems have helped to save tens of thousands of lives in the last three decades. New developments in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites may help to improve these systems significantly, and make the seas even safer.


EU Integrates Maritime Surveillance Data

The European Commission has set in motion the project of bringing together surveillance data from civil and military authorities like coast guards, navies, traffic monitoring, environmental and pollution monitoring, fisheries and border control, so duplication of work can be avoided and savings of up to €400m ($544.5m) per year can be made.

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