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Subject:eMAR News - 28/06/2014

Digital Shipping Platforms Cutting $684 Million Errors
The shipping industry, which carries 90 percent of world trade, is finally going digital.

Focusing on cyber security
There have been a number of recent warnings of growing electronic vulnerability that have had maritime significance. The US Government has recently recommended that the US Coast Guard should commence a wide study of the whole range of cyber security as it pertains to the maritime industry in both ships and ports.

Benefits of Aggregated Data for Voyage Planning
Vessels have a many different sensors that measure some kind of input from the physical world.The data from these multiple sensors can be combined and aggregated at a higher level, where the whole vessel can be seen as a moving sensor. Sensor readings from several vessels can be used to assess vessel performance and thus evaluate if individual vessel performance is up to the mark or not.

Survey reveals that half of crew lack 'reasonable' access to communications
Comprehensive survey of seafarers finds access is an improving picture, but reveals certain sectors offering far poorer crew communications provision than others, with up to 30% of crew in some without access to a telephone.

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