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Subject:eMAR News - 21/06/2014

Setting up Industrial Internet at sea

Fast broadband communications provides the pipeline for a variety of applications that help ship operators reduce fuel costs, improve voyage planning and enhance vessel maintenance.


Broadband demand drives VSAT competition

There is rising demand for faster broadband connectivity as more maritime IT and social media applications are introduced. Different segments of the maritime, passenger shipping and offshore vessel sectors have varying requirements from their VSAT connections.


Vibration monitoring via satellite

A ship’s satellite communications could be a key part of a condition monitoring programme. Vessel operators would be particularly interested in reviewing data from vibration sensors on engineroom equipment in order to identify future problems and optimise onboard maintenance.


EC Calls for Cruise Ship Security Studies

The European Commission (EC) has issued a call for tender regarding a Study on Cruise Ship Security. According to the EC, cruise ships and cruise terminals can represent high-prestige symbolic targets for terrorists with serious repercussions.


Teaching crew efficiently through online courses

Shipmanagers and operators can provide online training for crew using the ship’s VSAT system. This saves them time and money when compared with sending seafarers to shore-based academies for training. Improved broadband connectivity on vessels has led to the adoption of e-learning across fleets of ships.

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