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Subject:eMAR News - 31/05/2014

EU port security technology project demonstrated

The EU-backed SUPPORT (Security UPgrade for PORTS) project demonstrated some "practical results" from its programme to develop technologies to improve port security at an event in Sweden in May.


Delivering a Maritime Single Window

The EU’s ‘Single Window’ ship reporting system is mandated to be adopted by all Member States by 1 June 2015 – but there are issues and challenges that must be overcome.


Internet at sea at Stena Line

Ferry company Stena Line began its first VSAT implementation project almost 15 years ago, and has since evolved to running a multi-carrier network including GSM, Wi-Fi and coastal wireless systems. But even with the very latest technology, providing internet at sea for a large number of users is a significant challenge


Small vessel satellite-AIS tracking technology developed

exactEarth has concluded a mutually exclusive agreement with SRT to develop and commercialise technology that will for the first time enable low power AIS transceivers of the types being deployed on small commercial and leisure vessels to be tracked from space.


The future of AIS

The Automatic Identification System (AIS) has now been a mandatory fit for oceangoing vessels for about a decade, but continued developments in the way the technology is used could see the system have an increasing impact on vessel operations in the coming years

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