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Subject:DANAOS and INLECOM announce e-Maritime compatible collaboration platforms

For the first time interoperability in shipping software solutions is a realistic prospect. Interoperability capabilities enabling systems and organizations to work together has been for many year the primary development goal in the Information and Communications Technology sector.

For the maritime sector interoperability limitations have seriously affected the usefulness of shipping software. Today, there is a wide variety of system architectures, data formats, software systems, sensing and safety devices in use in the maritime sector. Ship, port and logistics operators and national administrations have to develop several adaptors (often with limited useful life) to integrate with a plethora of different systems they encounter in their day to day operations. Co-operation and optimisation is practically impossible.

The eMAR project supports DG MOVE with a specific focus on the EU e-Maritime initiative facilitating Information Exchange for efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly maritime operations. 27 partners from 13 member states are working together to establish a common and efficient way for acquiring, handling, and sharing essential data.
The eMAR connectivity infrastructure replaces the current maze of communication channels with seamless information flows across transport chains and shipping collaboration networks.

The eMAR connectivity infrastructure utilises the e-Maritime Strategic Framework EMSF which provides reference business processes, and supporting standard messages. EMSF is the key to developing ‘semantic interoperability’ to automatically interpret the information exchanged meaningfully and connect systems readily. The content of the information exchanged in the context of EMSF is unambiguously specified.

The eMAR Ecosystem being developed by INLECOM offers a digital collaboration environment utilising EMSF as a common information exchange reference model. The eMAR Ecosystem:

• Supports the interoperability and cooperation between the participants of the eMAR Business Ecosystem,
• Transform Business Processes to eMAR Software Services accessible through Internet (SOA)
• Provide entry points (Access Points) to the eMAR Business Participants to connect and transact
• Uses a Common set of EMSF Messages which are exchanged between the eMAR Business Participants for efficient, and unambiguous communications.

Two vendors DANAOS and INLECOM presented for the first time their respective e-Maritime compatible collaboration platforms in the Yachting Club of Greece attended by over 100 shipping experts. The DANAOS and INLECOM Platforms are interoperable through the e-Maritime Strategic Framework (EMSF). Joining one you have access to both and future additional eMaritime compatible platforms. The shipping operations addressed by EMSF include: fleet management, personnel management, chartering, ship conditions monitoring, loading planning and optimisation, and voyage management, e-purchasing, cargo management, multimodal logistics integration management, security and classification.

A number of partners have used the EMSF to publish information exchange services in both the DANAOS and Inlecom platforms. They include:

1. DNV : Navigator port arrival and departure reporting, Class Status information service
2. EBOS: e-crewing, e-Statement of Fact (Electronic version of the SoF and a standard data model for communicating statement of fact information), Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator service
3. CLMS: p ort formalities reporting, CO2 calculator
4. Port of Valencia: Manifest related services

The Benefits of the enhanced collaboration eMAR solutions are new models of business operation exploiting synergies, scale economies, increase of capacities and capacity usage, better resources utilisation, and new services leading to growth and sustainable environment friendly development. Specifically:

1. Cost saving and improved service quality from:
   • better planning: fleet scheduling, crew plan, maintenance plan, voyage optimisation, bunkering plan, including synchronisation of plans
   • efficient monitoring of operations and deviations management
2. Integration in supply chains
   • Participation in CO2 optimised chains
   • Increase capacity utilisation and productive time
3. Automated compliance

An example of everyday occurrence …delay of ship arrival has to be communicated often to 100s people …In INLECOM collaboration platform notifications are done automatically by the access point.

InleMar (the Portal to eMAR Ecosystem functions created by Inlecom) incorporates complex IT solutions providing significant business advantages for the eMAR sector, minus the accompanying high costs for Infrastructure setups, and custom connectivity solutions, sustaining high technological benefits, operational benefits, and financial benefits. Connected with the DANAOS platform the benefits are multiplied through the extended content and functionality as well as the increased choice from shipping companies towards preferred computational options.

The eMAR Ecosystem-a new way ahead for interoperable collaboration platforms available to

DANAOS platform:


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