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Subject:eMAR News - 24/05/2014

ISO 9001 and the maritime industry

Global shipping efficiency depends largely on free movement of resources, supported by international standards which have to be set, recognised and maintained. Maritime shipping is an international business and therefore requires international solutions. ISO 9001 is one such solution which provides all the advantages of an internationally recognised standard of quality management without being too cumbersome to implement.


Hackers threaten security of global positioning systems

Reports of the chaos that is sometimes caused when the Global Positioning System is interrupted emphasise the need for more robust systems and above all, alternatives, says BIMCO.


Rising E-Bill systems usage prompts new clause

In recent years the technical, legal and financial infrastructure necessary for the widespread adoption of e-Bills has developed sufficiently to herald what BIMCO believes will be a new era for electronic documentation.


Milestone for enhanced safety in Arctic regions

United Nations' International Maritime Organization (IMO) has just approved global binding regulations intending to enhance safety of navigation in polar areas. This means, inter alia, new requirements for passenger ships.

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