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Subject:The yachting club of Greece showcases Inlecom’ EU maritime single windows solution developed in the eMAR project

Inlecom Systems Ltd (Inlecom), is presenting, for the first time, its Maritime Single Windows solution to an exclusive group of shipping experts at the Yachting Club of Greece, in Athens, Greece on May 27th 2014.

The Intelligent Maritime Single Window Solutions are available to the Maritime Industry by INLECOM in cooperation with BMT, CLMS, DANAOS and EBOS. The two product lines are:

1. Intelligent Ship Reporting Gateways (ISRG) - An innovative software application, enabling shipping Industry representatives to fulfil their reporting obligations to European Maritime & Custom Authorities, in accordance to the European Commission Directives

2. Single Window Platform (SWP) - The proposed solution for National Single Windows as the name implies is an application supported by a range of tools that facilitate specifically the continues harmonization of the MSW with changes in legislation but also changes in the systems by individual authorities and European platforms such as SafeSeaNet.

eMar delivering Intelligent Maritime Single Window Solutions WP V1.1 -  27/May/14

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