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Subject:eMAR news - 17/05/2014

EU ministers want new shortsea push

European Union transport ministers have called on the European Commission and EU member states to launch a new push to promote shortsea shipping.


Report Warns Shipping Of Phishing Scams

Information phishing has been identified as one of the main ploys used by fraudsters targeting the maritime industry.


Maritime union invests in multi-million dollar simulation centre

Part of move to promote seafaring as a career


Council conclusions on EU's Policy towards the Arctic Region

The EU Council welcomed the Joint Communication of the Commission and the High Representative of June 2012 on Developing a European Union Policy towards the Arctic Region, which set out the path for the EU's increased engagement in the Arctic.


Using satellite data to calculate carbon footprint in the shipping industry

The IMO International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea  requires that every ship larger than 300 gross tons be equipped with an S-AIS transponder that transmits ship identification, speed, and location every few seconds. This almost continuous stream of data enables researchers to calculate ship speed and therefore CO2 emissions with greater resolution and confidence.

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