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Subject:eMAR news - 10/05/2014

NOAA’s HF Radar Paves Way for Safer Navigation

A new NOAA National Ocean Service website will provide mariners near real-time coastal ocean surface current observations and tidal current predictions in coastal waters using high frequency (HF) radar, making marine navigation safer for mariners and commercial shippers


Six navigation apps for the 21st century captain

The explosive growth of smartphones and tablets has eMaritime News for 10th May 2014

brought with it a blossoming trade in mobile navigation apps. With an ever-expanding list of chartplotting software available, Ship Technology presents five of the most prominent apps on the market.…


More shippers benchmark their shipping costs

More shippers are benchmarking their container shipping costs to ensure that they secure the most favourable freight rates possible.


'Athens Declaration' sets EU future maritime transport policy priorities

Mid-term Review of the EU's Maritime Transport Policy until 2018 and Outlook to 2020


EMSA maritime surveillance services to benefit from satellite launch

Maritime applications are set to benefit from the first satellite launch of the EU Copernicus programme on 3 April, from Kourou, French Guyana.

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