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Subject:eMAR News - 01/04/2016

Cyber shipping – LR issues technical guidance for ship design in a digital age
Lloyd’s Register’s new guidance provides the shipping industry with a route map to understanding the implications of digital technology. LR is ready to help all stakeholders in the cyber-enabled ship market ensure that Information and communications technology (ICT) is deployed safely.


Drewry launches eSOFS™ a total e-sourcing solution, bringing speed and efficiency to ocean freight procurement events
Drewry, a leading independent research and consulting firm to the shipping sector, today announced the launch of a powerful new e-Sourcing solution for global ocean transport exporters and importers.


Interschalt launches maritime data engine
The MDE uses a standardised and platform-independent industrial communication protocol, which means it is accessible for equipment supplied by other companies. Information from voyage data recorders (VDRs) is fed to the data engine for ship operators and managers to analyse in real-time. If all ships in a fleet are networked via wide area connections, the MDE can provide the normalised process images of the fleet.,interschalt-launches-maritime-data-engine_42020.htm


Cyber Security at Sea
Ships are increasingly connected to the Internet (FBB, VSAT, etc.). Furthermore, modern ships are increasingly dependent on IT technologies (Integrated bridge systems, AMS/IMS, electronic engines, ballast system, AIS, GPS etc.). Everything that it is on the network and has an IP address is a potential victim to cyber-attack.


Rolls-Royce develops cloud ship intelligence platform
Rolls-Royce is using cloud computing to host its ship intelligence platform that owners can use to optimise the performance of propulsion systems, reduce fuel consumption and implement condition-based maintenance strategies. Owners can also use the cloud-based service to improve the lifecycle of ship machinery, for remote performance monitoring and for problem diagnostics and solutions.,rollsroyce-develops-cloud-ship-intelligence-platform_42241.htm

Remote sensor networks the next disruptive technology
Shipowners are always looking for methods to improve operations and reduce their costs, and the adoption of remote sensor network technology could help them achieve this goal. Increased investment in satellite capacity and new connectivity technology has enabled a select few owners to install networks of sensors in their ships to monitor all types of performance and equipment conditions.,remote-sensor-networks-the-next-disruptive-technology_42259.htm


MOL launches Big Data trial
The trend toward enhanced condition monitoring and expanded vessel operations communication between ship and shore is growing across the maritime industry – with Japanese company MOL among the latest to begin trialling Big Data technologies.


Rolls-Royce unveils its vision of remote monitoring
Rolls-Royce has unveiled its vision of the land-based control centres it believes will remotely monitor and control the unmanned ships of the future.,rollsroyce-unveils-its-vision-of-remote-monitoring_42336.htm

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