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Subject:eMAR News - 03/05/2014

One stop shop

The management of cruise ship infotainment systems has become increasingly important as the trend to access information on devices such as tablets and smart phones continues unabated.


Worth moving to the cloud?

Cloud computing is one of the most significant changes to take place in the computing, data communications and data centre worlds over the last few years. In essence, cloud computing is remote hosting, with a user application running on someone else’s virtualised servers in a remote location within a data centre rather than the user’s own machine on his own premises.


ECDIS is a key tool in IMO’s plans for e-navigation

IMO’s mandatory carriage regulations are steadily being phased in, driving shipowners to invest in ecdis for newbuildings and existing ships. However, owners should not see this as just another rule to follow, as ecdis will be an important part of IMO’s e-navigation strategy.


Galileo follows the Dragon Ships

Results are being processed from the first maritime trials of Galileo - the EU's long-awaited satellite positioning service - outside of mainland Europe.

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