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Subject:eMAR News - 26/04/2014

Rolls-Royce to study remote controlled vessels

Study will conclude by the end of 2015.


Commission Welcomes Parliament’s Adoption Of Maritime Spatial Planning Legislation

The European Parliament endorsed a Directive for Maritime Spatial Planning which should help Member States develop plans to better coordinate the various activities that take place at sea, ensuring they are as efficient and sustainable as possible.


VDRs rules changing in July

Tanker owners should ensure their voyage data recorders (VDRs) remain compliant when new IMO rules come into force in July. VDRs record key parameters such as vessel position, course, heading and speed, as well as recording radar display and bridge communications.


Unique Technologies Improve Port Security

Practical results from the SUPPORT (Security UPgrade for PORTS) project, coordinated by BMT Group Ltd. and part-funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Security Research Program will be demonstrated to key stakeholders at Stena Line’s ferry terminals starting at Masthuggskajen in the Port of Gothenburg on May 7-8,


. EU v. IMO: Whose Emissions Legislation Will Prevail?

As the EU and IMO emissions regulation legislation looks set to diverge even further, one owner fights back in the European Court of Justice, arguing that EU member states who are party to the IMO's MARPOL Annex VI could not impose inconsistent EU requirements upon vessels flagged in other MARPOL Annex VI states.

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