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Subject:eMaritime News - 19/04/2014

The Unmanned Ship

It may seem like science fiction, but research is already underway into the feasibility of developing commercial ships that can manage a voyage without the need for crew intervention.


Ka-band will become a new VSAT option

A rapid increase in satellite communications capacity is coming this year that will ensure cruise ship and ferry operators have excessive satellite communications capacity almost anywhere worldwide to meet passenger connectivity demands.


Cloud-based ship management platform under development

Orange Business Services has announced that it has joined a European Union-sponsored initiative to develop a cloud-based ship management platform.


Keeping the pace

Ports need to keep up with the pace and staying on top of the latest technology is a situation that ports face on a constant basis. “In parallel to technological developments in other industries, new technologies have also been introduced to ports and terminals,”


e-Navigation – where are we going?

IMO’s e-Navigation concept stretches back as far as 2006. After eight years of development, how far have we come – and where are we going?

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