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Subject:eMaritime News for 26th November 2012

Employee-Empowering Technologies Raise Security Stakes for Organizations

The majority of companies in CompTIA's 10th Annual Information Security Trends study attribute human error as a contributing cause of security breaches, just as they have in the previous nine years of the study. What's changing, however, is that the human element is no longer confined to malware, phishing and viruses.
Cloud computing options force end users to consider how data is handled outside of their organization. Unauthorized mobile applications and mobile malware strains are becoming more prevalent. Social networking is a growing factor affecting organizational security.

E-Maritime: ESPO Urges National Administrations to Integrate Port Community Systems in Single Windows

Maritime transport stakeholders gathered yesterday and today in Brussels to discuss the development of e-Maritime, both in terms of policy and technology. The e-Maritime conference is organised by the European Commission and is being attended by more than 250 participants.


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