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Subject:eMaritime News - 22/03/2014

Orange joins EU to develop the first cloud-based ERP ship management platform

Orange Business Services has joined a European Union-sponsored initiative to play a key role in the development of new business intelligence and IT standards that are set to improve management tools used by the shipping industry.


How IT is transforming tanker training and design

Dutch company Twnkls is developing a series of augmented reality (AR) enterprise solutions that would enable tanker managers to train engineers on ship equipment and other crew on how to deal with emergency situations.


Competence requirements of Future Mariner – GlobalMET

Divergent views were expressed on the ‘Competence requirements of Future Mariners’ at the GlobalMET Annual Conference held this year last week. At one extreme was the possibility of seafaring profession becoming extinct with automation taking total control of shipping leaving little scope for mariners to operate ships.


Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence in Networks

The project MUNIN - Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence in Networks - is a collaborative research project, co-funded by the European Commissions under its Seventh Framework Programme. MUNIN aims to develop and verify a concept for an autonomous ship, which is defined as a vessel primarily guided by automated on-board decision systems but controlled by a remote operator in a shore side control station.

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