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Subject:eMaritime News - 8/03/2014

Shipping industry convenes for ACCSEAS Conference

The ACCSEAS Second Annual Conference takes place next week in Edinburgh, Scotland, with an array of maritime organisations from around the globe convening to discuss the work of ACCSEAS in developing a test-bed of e-navigation solutions to help keep mariners safe when navigating the increasingly busy shipping waters of the North Sea Region.


Technology Is Useful Component in Fight against Piracy

The latest technology tools such as real-time vessel tracking  are extremely useful to ship owners and operators as part of a layered approach to maritime risk management.


Unmanned ships 'within a decade', says Rolls Royce

Lighter vessels would save on fuel.


Navigators must keep up with changes

Although most of the latest regulatory changes are centred round things such as emissions, environmental effects and energy efficiency, there are also some that are focused on navigation and bridge matters.

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