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Subject:eMaritime News - 1/03/2014

Bringing the industrial internet to maritime

The industrial internet concept, integrated networks of physical machinery, sensors and software,
is changing the way the world does business – and offers a range of opportunities to the maritime industry to improve operations.


£3 million innovation boost for UK maritime and marine sector

A UK innovation agency has launched an R&D competition that will see businesses developing solutions to increase ship efficiency and reduce marine emissions receive a £3 million boost.


eMar project busy in 2014

The eMar project has announced its aim to develop a range of pilot tools in the coming months in order to facilitate daily transactions between maritime agencies and governmental / administrative services throughout EU.


The Multiband Era

As the communications options available to the maritime industry continue to grow and evolve,
vessel operators are likely to move away from their dependence on basic single-frequency systems and implement a range of technologies on board their vessels.


Achieving sustainable shipping

Running ships in a sustainable and energy efficient manner is something that is in the best interests of both the maritime industry and society at large. The bonus comes in reduced fuel costs and streamlined operations.


e-Navigation – the route to maritime sustainability

Innovative geospatial solutions can minimise the risk of accidents at sea, as well as the environmental impact of growing maritime trade – but maximum benefit will be gained if the private and public sectors can cooperate closely.

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