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Subject:eMaritime News - 29/03/2014

E-commerce platforms created for passenger ships

More ferry and cruise ship operators are seeing the benefits of automated booking and ticketing systems. Modern systems enable passengers not only to reserve their places on ships online, but also to plan their time while on these journeys.


Maritime satcoms revenue to double in 10 years      

Satellite services consultancy Euroconsult has forecasted satellite capacity revenue in the global maritime market to nearly double over the next decade, with a compound annual growth rate of 7 per cent


Linking talent and technology

People in shipping often bemoan the lack of talent coming into the maritime industry and the struggles they face in attracting and training young people – but the technology available today should make it easier than ever before to transfer skills to a new generation


Navigation – heading for the Cloud?

The concept of the Maritime Cloud is slowly but surely evolving, and looks set to form
a key component in maintaining global navigational safety and efficiency.


Information management and safety in shipping

The onset of broadband communications in shipping has rapidly increased the potential for ‘information overload’ for today’s seafarers, with communications from shore placing ever greater administrative burdens on shipboard staff – the implications of this trend are cause for concern,

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