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Subject:eMaritime News - 22/02/2014

Italian Port of Genoa Receives EU Funding

The European Union will co-finance with €3.9 million from the TEN-T Programme a project to extend one of the terminals and renew the intermodal infrastructure of the northern Italian Port of Genoa.


The new cold war

New shipping rules are being worked out for the Arctic, where summer sea ice has shrunk by about two-thirds over three decades. Predictions by various models say the summer-time Arctic sea ice could disappear completely by 2050. The ‘Polar Code’, expected to boost traffic in the region, will have stringent rules on pollution.


Will captains be made redundant on bridges?

Technology is changing the role of captains from being leaders who control their ships, into vessel managers doing far less shiphandling and more delegation. The gradual introduction of ecdis and e-navigation is putting more emphasis on the navigator being in charge of voyage planning and application, pushing the captain further back from the bridge.


Counter Terror Expo 2014 to highlight threats and solutions regarding Maritime Security and Counter Terrorism

The threats to maritime security from piracy, terrorism and political crises are increasing and ever evolving. New solutions and shared actions are required to protect ships, shipping routes, ports and harbours.

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