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Subject:eMaritime News for 1st February 2014

Skype over satellite

Software giant Microsoft has expressed an interest in developing an adapted version
of its popular Skype product for use over satellite, according to Inmarsat.


Videoconferencing for crew

DigiGone, a Florida-based company specialising in encrypted software-based communication, has announced the introduction of a new videoconferencing service specifically designed for crew welfare.


Fraud in the Maritime Industry

Maritime fraud is becoming more common due to a number of reasons: Criminals are increasingly turning to new methods such as computer hacking, ports are adopting new technologies that in the worst case can enable new types of fraud (such as automatise container operations) and as shipowners are under pressure to win new business, many have disregarded due diligence when dealing with new business partners.


ECDIS: The future of navigation

The shift from paper charts to ECDIS and the challenge of adapting to different ECDIS models are the focus of the latest issue of The Navigator.


EU Environment Committee under attack over SOx monitoring

Committee's position makes 'little sense', says environmental campaign group.

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