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Subject:eMaritime News for 18th January 2014

Roboship debate drones on

Battle-lines are being drawn, parameters defined and soundings taken as the relentless march of technology pits proponents of unmanned ships against those who argue seafarers cannot – at least not just yet – be replaced by computers or robots.


InterManager launches survey on crew communication

InterManager has launched a new survey on crew communication to draw a picture of what crew really wants. There is a lot of talk about communication especially Internet (broad band) for crew, however it is interesting to find out if we actually know our crew needs.


EU could provide more cash for shipping

Funds could follow the introduction of tougher ECA sulphur limits.


More bandwidth needed for onboard web-based training

Computer-based training (CBT) can be used on most ships if programs are stored on board. But it is still too expensive and technically challenging for seafarers to use web-based training – also known as e-learning – especially if it involves video streaming, except when ashore.


£3 million innovation boost for UK maritime and marine sector

UK’s innovation agency has launched an R&D competition that will see businesses developing solutions to increase ship efficiency and reduce marine emissions receive a £3 million boost.

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