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Subject:eMAR News - 30/01/2016

Is it time to adopt fleet resource management?
Shipowners and managers could gain greater daily control of their assets, without taking away day-to-day operational decisions from captains, by adopting fleet resource management. This should relieve some of the administrative burden masters have to deal with, and ensure ships are managed more closely to owners requirements.,is-it-time-to-adopt-fleet-resource-management_41567.htm 

Smart shipping offers a new business model
Shipowners should invest in a smart shipping tool box that includes telematics, VSAT, cloud computing, automated systems and feedback loops.,smart-shipping-offers-a-new-business-model_41542.htm 

North P&I Club warns on potential dangers of new technology on ships
North P&I Club warns operators that despite the enormous benefits of digital technology on and around ships, there may also be some downsides. In addition to its recent warning on cyber threats, the club highlights some less obvious risks from the digital age including video calls, emails, mobile devices and even 3D printing. 

Positive predictions for 2016: Efficient information management leads to massive savings in shipping companies
Positive news for shipping companies in 2016: Latest study results from PricewaterhouseCoopers about future market prospects show that about 100 decision makers of German transport and shipping companies take a positive stock of 2015.

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