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Subject:eMAR News - 16/01/2016

IMO energy-efficiency project can start following funding
Will help less developed countries with technology aimed at reducing GHG emissions from shipping. 

Cyber Security: Threats and Risks
The exchange of electronic data between ship and shore has increased significantly in the past decade. The shipping industry’s use of remote monitoring of systems, diagnosis and remote maintenance will continue to increase, as will the information exchange between ships and authorities, service providers, charterers and owners/operators. 

CBM: The next step in smart ship maintenance
Condition based maintenance (CBM) is the next step in developing a smart method of maintaining ships and improving reliability. CBM strategies involve the monitoring of key equipment and systems on ships to predict when they need maintenance before failure. If done correctly, ship operators and managers can improve operational efficiencies, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce the risk of system failures.,cbm-the-next-step-in-smart-ship-maintenance_41431.htm 

Infotainment technology gets even smarter
Integration and interaction are the buzzwords in passenger ship entertainment, with new screen sharing concepts and touch screen points, and even robots, making their mark.,infotainment-technology-gets-even-smarter_41451.htm

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