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Subject:eMaritime News for 7th December 2013

Skype over satellite

Software giant Microsoft has expressed an interest in developing an adapted version of its popular Skype product for use over satellite, according to Inmarsat.


‘From Paper Charts to ECDIS’ second edition

The Nautical Institute has released the second edition of ‘From Paper Charts to ECDIS’ which offers practical guidance to the shipping industry on equipment, training and operational practices


Maritime VSAT capacity expanded

The continued success of VSAT technology in penetrating the maritime market has been evidenced by a host of newly agreed capacity deals that will see a range of providers extend the coverage and capabilities of their VSAT networks for the shipping industry.


Predicting the future of maritime communications

A new European project backed by funding from ESA (the European Space Agency) has been initiated, with the aim of identifying current and future requirements in the maritime satellite communications market – and the industry is urged to get involved.


Data driven crew management

Third party ship management company MSI recently embarked on an assessment project to evaluate how well it was managing recruitment, deployment, training and development of its seafarers – and where there was room for improvement.


Bringing training to the cloud

Modern advancements in cloud computing could help to move beyond the benefits of computer based training (CBT) systems using physical storage such as DVDs to something closer to the full classroom experience.

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