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Subject:eMaritime News for 16th November 2013

EU project to safeguard navigation in icy Baltic waters

The Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea project (WINMOS) is aiming to further develop efficient maritime transport during winter when sea ice covers large parts of the EU's northernmost waters. The WINMOS will tackle these challenges head-on and develop a 'winter navigation system' that will reduce the risks vessels are exposed to.


Survey: Majority Is Looking For Online Crew Management Software

Survey was conducted among participants from various industry sectors such as crew manning agents, crew recruitment agencies, ship management companies and others involved in crew management operations. Seventy percent (70%) having various reasoning revealed they are about to change their crewing software in near future and thirty nine percent (39%) are exclusively looking for online crew management software.


Euro-Mediterranean ministers to boost regional economic integration

Transport ministers from 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area met in Brussels on 14 November 2013 and confirmed their commitment to boost cooperation. The aim is to establish a well-connected area for aviation, rail, maritime and road transport. Regional integration in transport will strengthen economic exchanges and create business opportunities in the Euro-Mediterranean region.


Multimodal transport link between Sweden and Finland to be strengthened thanks to EU co-funding

The European Union will support with just over €6.1 million from the TEN-T Programme a project to upgrade the transport link between northern Sweden and western Finland, including land and waterborne transport systems. It will also contribute to the realisation of the “Motorways of the Sea” (TEN-T Priority Project 21) concept.

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