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Subject:eMaritime News for 9th November 2013

Underwater web

The University at Buffalo, in the New York state, has announced that its researchers are working on a project to develop technologies that would allow for the creation of a deep-sea internet infrastructure. The University says that the technological breakthrough could lead to improvements in oil and gas exploration, surveillance, pollution monitoring, tsunami detection, and other activities.


Hack in the Box: Researchers attack ship tracking systems for fun and profit

Never say never to hackers as they have proven that pretty much anything can be hacked, especially when protocols are designed without any thought to security. This time, security researchers placed Automated Identification System (AIS) in the crosshairs and showed that this mandatory tracking system for about 400,000 ships is “comprehensively vulnerable to a wide range of attacks that could be easily carried out by pirates, terrorists or other attackers.”


More integrated European maritime management

The European Parliament's Transport and Tourism Committee (TRAN) adopted a framework directive for the establishment and implementation of maritime spatial planning and integrated coastal management which aim at mapping the marine waters and the efficient distribution of actual and potential uses in maritime space.


Infographics: Technologies To Make An Ultimate Eco-Friendly Ship

With the introduction of stringent environmental regulations in the maritime industry, almost all modern ships are now fitted with a variety of eco-friendly machinery and systems. These green technologies not only reduce the carbon footprints but also help in saving fuel and increasing efficiency of ships.


Interest grows in satellite-based AIS

EMSA held second meeting of the EU Satellite-AIS Collaborative Forum

Shipping 'closer to GHG deal' than aviation

IMO has 'already achieved binding commitments'.

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