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Subject:eMaritime News for 2nd November 2013

EU leaders agree to create a connected continent

National leaders from across the EU met on 24 October to discuss the role of digital innovation in our economy. They endorsed the Commission's proposals for a telecoms single market and also called for action to complete the digital single market by 2015.


Maritime entertainment delivery service launched

UK-based company Satstream Media has announced the launch of SatstreamNet, a
multicast-IP content delivery network developed specifically for the maritime industry.


R&D project to create a model for managing regulations

A recently launched research project, partly funded by the EU, will look at creating
a model for digitally managing the various maritime regulations emanating from international, European and national authorities.


How to entice ship owners to support e-Navigation

Making e-Navigation work in an industry with a range of different proprietary technologies could prove extremely difficult and very costly for shipping companies – what is really required is a common architecture that will allow different systems to work together as required


Quality control of software must be a priority

One of the biggest technical challenges facing the shipping and offshore industries is making sure that rapid advancements in software do not cause failure in key bridge, dynamic positioning (DP) or automation systems. As ships become more reliant on computer systems there needs to be greater emphasis on verifying that electronics and software work as expected and will continue to operate even when there are updates.


Improving the ‘fit’ between docks and vessels

The costs involved with inefficient management of terminal operations and vessel scheduling can run into tens of thousands of dollars per day – applying modern software systems and changing the approach to this process can lead to significant improvements.

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