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Subject:eMaritime News for 26th October 2013

Ship trackers 'vulnerable to hacking', experts warn

Weaknesses in outdated systems could allow attackers to make ships disappear from tracking systems - or even make it look like a large fleet was incoming.
Lloyd's List Intelligence's Ian Trowbridge said that in addition to the vulnerable technology - known as the Automatic Identification System (AIS) - other measures could be used to identify marine activity. "The spoofing would immediately be identified by [Lloyd's List Intelligence] as a warp vessel," he said, "providing unexplained position reports outside of the vessel's speed/distance capability and thus subject to further investigation and validation."


Classification society gives cruise ship EEDI certification

Europa 2 emits 31% less CO2 than other cruise ships of a similar size.


Software updated with ECA data

'Information on ECA boundaries is critical for efficient voyage planning.'


EEDI Concerns To Be Addressed In SHOPERA Project

The 2012 guidelines on the attained Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) for new ships support the implementation of IMO’s Regulations on Energy Efficiency of Ships. A new three year project has been initiated with EU funding, known as SHOPERA (Energy Efficient Safe Ship Operation). The project co-ordinator is the National Technical University of Athens and academic project partners are major maritime universities from across Europe. As well as classification societies DNV/GL and RINA, the project consortium includes ship operators, research centres, shipyards and design offices.


A third of Seafarers are burdened by administrative tasks

Seafarers feel they spend too much time on tasks they consider to be an administrative burden according to the findings of a study by the Danish Maritime Authority, supported by InterManager, the international trade association for ship and crew managers.
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