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Subject:eMaritime News for 12th October 2013

Team building is the key to cutting maritime accidents

Human resource management should be a key element in any ship operator’s responsibilities, and should be tested using training simulators. Ensuring that a ship’s crew members, including the bridge and engineering teams, can work together would be the aim of sending seafarers to a specialised centre.


PORTOPIA: increasing transparency in port industry performance     

Following a call for projects under the EU-FP7 research scheme, the PORTOPIA project has started this September. Under the coordination of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), 12 academic and industrial partners from 9 European countries, including ESPO will execute the project, aimed at improving the resource efficiency and competitiveness of the European Port System.


Shipping emissions regulation poised to increase shipping costs

Despite IMO's best efforts to satisfy EU's regulators, it appears that the shipping industry is looking for a much stricter environment in the near future. Over the summer, as shipbroker Gibson points out in its latest report, EU proposed to push forward with an initiative to monitor C02 emissions from shipping.


Owners can save fuel through better voyage planning

It has been more than a year since new passenger ships of more than 500gt have had to comply with IMO rules covering the mandatory carriage of electronic chart display and information system (ecdis).


Transforming Transport with TRANSFORuM

TRANSFORuM, a newly launched EU-funded project, allows stakeholders to express their view on the future of transport systems, triggering discussions on perspectives and feasibility of the 2011 White Paper on Transport.


Chaotic E-Borders Scheme Failing

The Home Office's flagship "e-borders" programme, which has taken 10 years to develop and has so far cost more than £500m, has yet to deliver significant benefits to controlling immigration and has had only a limited impact on tracking terrorists, an official watchdog has concluded.


Satellite Monitoring Captures Tanker’s Pollution

At a hearing on 8th October, 23 at Truro Magistrates Court, the owner of a tanker paid a total of £22,500 in fines and costs after pleading guilty to a breach of UK maritime pollution legislation.


New ITF Seafarers App Available Now

By making the apps available for free on the two most widely used smartphone operating systems, we hope to reach many seafarers”, said Steve Trowsdale, ITF head of maritime training and development. “Seafarers can now use the app to look up a ship, find an inspector or union, and get in contact with the ITF helpline.


Maritime entertainment delivery service launched

UK-based company Satstream Media has announced the launch of SatstreamNet, a multicast-IP content delivery network developed specifically for the maritime industry.

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