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Subject:eMaritime News for 5th October 2013

Using IT for the MLC

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 finally came into force during the summer of 2013, bringing with it a number of guidelines and recommendations pertaining to life on board ship for modern crewmembers – sometimes described as a ‘seafarers’ bill of rights’


ESPO Green Guide – Exemplify, Enable, Engage, Encourage - AT Green Port Congress 13

The four main topics to be covered at the 8th GreenPort congress are: • Air quality management in Ports • Waste and materials management in port areas • Managing the direct impact on the local community • Environmental reporting and communication


IMO Symposium Debates a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System

The IMO Secretariat and industry partners have developed a concept document expanding on the idea of a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System. The concept lists a number of ‘imperatives’ or overall goals that IMO, in partnership with others, must aspire to in order to establish a Sustainable Maritime Transportation System.


Satellite investment will expand ship connectivity

SATELLITE communication is going through a period of massive change, with the main thrust of the investment focused on providing passenger ships with faster broadband.


New EU Project Aims to Improve Efficiency of Maritime Regulations

A new three year European Research Project, partly funded by the EU has been launched to help increase efficiencies in regulation compliance and enforcement for the maritime sector. e-Compliance will facilitate tighter integration and co-operation in the fragmented field of regulatory compliance.
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