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Subject : eMaritime event January 7th 2013

29/01/2013 - E-NAVIGATION UNDERWAY 2013, Copenhagen

Navigation Underway 2013 will address (among others): IMO E-Navigation Strategy Implementation Plan in 2014 – where are we now? How do we benefit from industrial innovation? What are the benefits and risks of electronic devices in shipping? Costs of e-Navigation: necessary infrastructure, services, communications…Who will pay? E-Navigation drivers – regulation or market forces? Maritime Spatial Planning and e-Navigation – how do they marry? What’s new from the test beds? How to ensure best decision support afloat and ashore? How can we provide users the information they need when they need it? How can ship and shore users work effectively together? E-Navigation challenges the boundaries of the involved international organizations; how can the cooperation be made effective?

30/01/2013 - 6th Vessel Efficiency and Fuel Management Summit, 2013, London

Learn the best practices and cutting edge fuel optimisation strategies, Analyse the returns on coating investments: Different coatings for different ship types, Discuss the particular challenges you are facing in your company with experts and peers in highly interactive roundtable discussions, Examine the impact of sound maintenance on your bottom line, Understand the latest technical & IT solutions optimising bunker consumption, Benefit from expert analysis of low sulphur bunker availability and price-trends, embedded within regulatory update.

30/01/2013 - Digital Ship Bergen, Jan 2013

Maritime Communications and Information Technology Conference and Exhibition.

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