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Subject : eMaritime Event - 15/03/2014

6th International Maritime Science Conference, 28 April 2014, Solin Croatia
The Conference will cover the following areas Marine Engineering, Navigation, Marine Ecology, Hydrography, Marine Automation and Electronics, Transportation and Modes of Transport, Marine Information Systems, Maritime Law, Management of Marine Systems, Maritime Health, Marine Finance, Up-To-Date Technologies, Safety and security Ecology and sea, Intelligent transport systems, Human resources in transport and Education in transport.

35th International Marine Conference & Exhibition, Mari-Tech 2014, 7 May, Niagara Falls Canada
The future of Marine Industry has to be sustainable in terms of progression of the global race and at no time has that been more apparent than now. The conference will provide participants with a view and a vision of how the future of marine industry in the world could look.


Europort Romania 2014, 13 May, Constanta, Romania
The exhibition and conference program serves the maritime sector in the broadest sense: from sea shipping to offshore, from dredging to fishery, from inland navigation to navy and superyachts.

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