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Subject : e-Maritime events for January 16th 2013

05/02/2013 - Port Management Strategy Summit, Feb 2013, Abu Dhabi

The Port Management Strategy Summit covers topics such as: Restructuring port operations, Evolving role of port authorities,  Balancing stakeholder interests,  Port performance management,  Emerging technologies in port operations,  Container terminal management

 06/02/2013 - Ports, Terminal and Intermodal Transport, Feb 2013, Amsterdam

Key Topics include:Future of the Global Port Industry, Shortage of Freight Transport Capacities, Staying Flexible by Implementing Innovative Solutions, Demand for Infrastructure Development, European Policy and Strategies, Port Investment Strategies, Short sea Market Trends, Opportunities & Threats

26/02/2013 - International Conference on the Education and Professional Development of Engineers in the Maritime Industry, Feb 2013, Singapore

As the global maritime industry emerges from the downturn it has been experiencing in recent years, the key to its future success will be innovation in all aspects and sectors of the industry, whether it be in research, design, construction or operations. This will require engineers who have the professional skills to meet the future demands of the industry.

26/02/2013 - Responding to Maritime Emergencies & Protecting your Assets, February 2013, London

Strategies to Identify, Manage and Maximise the Chance of Protecting Your Assets as a Result of a Maritime Crisis

27/02/2013 - Digital Ship Hamburg - February 2013

Maritime information technology conference and exhibition

27/02/2013 - Vessel Tracking & Monitoring Conference, February 2013, London, UK

Discover operational and fleet management solutions for commercial gain
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