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Subject : eMaritime Events for 18th January 2014

ACCSEAS Second Annual Conference,  4th March 2014, Edinburgh UK
ACCSEAS invites you to attend the ACCSEAS Second Annual Conference. This FREE to attend three-day conference aims to provide a progress update from the ACCSEAS project and will offer demonstrations of solutions, workshops and a host of expert speakers.


The Role of Ports in Supporting the Energy Sector, 4 March 2014, London UK
Emerging business & development opportunities for ports . As the energy sector rapidly develops, there an increasing number of commercial opportunities for ports, but how do you know what is best opportunity for your port and in what direction the market is heading? This national conference will bring together the ports and energy sectors to discuss where the opportunities lie, assess future predictions and trends, and review current energy policy and how it will impact on port investment.


Marine and Offshore Engineering Technology Conference, 4 March 2014. Kuwait
The conference aims to enhance the research areas in the field of marine and offshore engineering, and strengthen the connection between the Marine industry and the researchers.  Main topics include: Marine Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Marine Transportation,  Maintenance and Optimization

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