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Subject : eMaritime Events for 28th December 2013

Offshore Wind Journal Conference, 18 February 2014, London
The event will bring together suppliers of offshore wind turbine technology, operators of offshore wind farms, and companies providing vessels and other services to support their operations. This is still a fledgling industry with enormous potential for future growth and this conference is therefore a key forum for considering the factors that will influence its future growth around the world, as well as the emerging technology, and the need for specialist vessels and systems.


 IT-TRANS Conference. 18 February 2014, Karlesruhe Germany
The conference programme of IT-TRANS offers topics such as: security in public transport (highlight topic 2014: SECUR.IT.Y),  IT in public transport vehicles,  travel information,  Social Media , e-Ticketing/interoperable fare management,  ITCS – Intermodal Transport Control System,  international best practices and more

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