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Subject : eMaritime Events for 7th December 2013

ICSOT India: Technological Innovations in Shipbuilding, 12th December 2013, Kharagpur, India
The third International Conference on Ship & Offshore Technology - India 2013 will take "Technological Innovation in Shipbuilding" as its theme. Topics will include: Design and construction of all ship types, Fabrication and welding technology, Corrosion and coating technology, Project management, Material Developments; alloys, composites, etc, Quality Assurance, Regulation, System integration.


Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels, 29th January 2014, London UK
Offshore wind turbines are becoming an important resource of renewable energy. This has led to the need for specialised vessels for both install and service the turbines. Conferences topics may include: All aspects of design - hull, general arrangement, interior, etc. including innovative features, Navigation, communication & controls - safety, efficiency, reliability; Classification & statutory requirements - impact of new rules & regulations; Sea keeping & manoeuvring - thrusters, dynamic positioning, trials, evaluation,  Crew safety & comfort ­ fatigue, health & safety, environment, operation, Powering & propulsion - all-electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, system layout, fuel saving,  Construction, machinery & equipment - materials, techniques, quality control, products, power plant.


8th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management Summit, 29th January 2014, London
ACI’s 8th Vessel Efficiency & Fuel Management will examine the performance enhancing options available to ship owners and ship managers for efficiency maximisation and increased profitability. Special focus will be placed on how to maximise existing vessel’s profitability, the tools for measuring performance and specific fuel-efficiency improving equipment.

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