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Subject : eMaritime Events for 30th November 2013

6th Optimising Port Development conference, 5th December 2013, London
ACI’s 6th Optimising Port Development conference will address the key challenges faced by modern ports and terminals in order to present an efficient and attractive option to the shipping lines. The meeting will explore best practices and strategies for port and hinterland competitiveness in Europe. The meeting will cover aspects in terminal operations, appropriate expansion and inner-port efficiencies in communications and transport, as well as assessing relationships with local and national investors in developing an improved port community. Infrastructure, and continued improvement of the entire environment will be high on the agenda with the aim of developing a competitive and specialised service. In an increasingly tough market, this meeting will assist a port in gaining a competitive advantage.


TOC Container Supply Chain: Middle East, 9th December 2013, Dubai
The TOC Container Supply Chain exhibition and conference is the global meeting place for ports, terminals, shipping lines, 3PLs & shippers. The exhibition is a showcase for port and terminal technology and operations and the conference focuses on collaboration within the container supply chain.


LNG World Shipping Conference, 11th Dec 2013, London
Gas is becoming an increasingly attractive option for countries looking for alternative sources of fuel for power generation that reduce harmful carbon emissions. As a result the international transport of LNG and the associated supply chains and technology are the focus for increasing investment. Riviera’s LNG World Shipping journal is a leading publication in this field and this event will focus on some of the key topics that are important considerations in the design and operation of LNG powered ships.

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