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Subject : eMaritime Events for 9th November 2013

2nd Annual Arctic Marine Logistics & Infrastructure Forum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25 November 2013
Arctic operations have become a lucrative opportunity for many companies, which are prioritising the Arctic as a new frontier. The lack of adequate infrastructure and supply chain in the area is an ongoing challenge, and the demand for ice-breakers, new technology and development of ports to support the infrastructure is at its highest. New chartering routes are emerging, attracting companies to save time and money for long-haul cargo shipments.


MIBE 2013, Maritime and Innovation Brokerage Event, 27 November, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
MIBE, which is attended by relevant representatives of the industry, academia, research and public authorities, provides a Pan-European platform aimed to enhance R&D in the maritime sector as an improvement tool and help Europe become a worldwide competitive leader. Knowledge exchange and the definition of new projects are outstanding features of the event.


4th IMarEST Ship Propulsion Systems Conference, 27 November 2013, London
Building on the success of the previous three events the Conference will continue to explore the most up-to-date technologies and approaches to achieve the twin goals of operation efficiency and regulatory compliance, thus helping owners and operators make the choices they face
in deciding which equipment and propulsion systems best suit their future needs, and to manage their current requirements.
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