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Subject : eMaritime Events for 12th September 2013

2nd Annual Arctic Marine Logistics & Infrastructure Forum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 25 November 2013

Arctic operations have become a lucrative opportunity for many companies, which are prioritising the Arctic as a new frontier. The lack of adequate infrastructure and supply chain in the area is an ongoing challenge, and the demand for ice-breakers, new technology and development of ports to support the infrastructure is at its highest. New chartering routes are emerging, attracting companies to save time and money for long-haul cargo shipments.


Maritime Cyprus 2013 Conference, 6 October, Nicosia, Cyprus

The main theme of the “Maritime Cyprus 2013” Conference, which is the 13th, since it was first established in 1989, is “Shipping Today”. As the theme suggests the Conference will be focused on the crucial matters concerning the international shipping industry today.$file/maritime%20cyprus%202013-30082013.pdf


6th Shortsea Euro 2013, 8 October 2013, Grand Elysee Hotel, Hamburg

This year's conference will, once again, be staged in the great maritime city of Hamburg. W
It will be welcoming speakers and delegates from across Europe to discuss the pressing issues that are impacting on the bulk and container shortsea sectors

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