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Subject : eMaritime Events for 21st June 2013

Design & Operation of Offshore Wind Farm Support Vessels, 29th January 2014, London UK

Offshore wind turbines are becoming an important resource of renewable energy. This has led to the need for specialised vessels for both install and service the turbines. Conferences topics may include: All aspects of design - hull, general arrangement, interior, etc. including innovative features, Navigation, communication & controls - safety, efficiency, reliability; Classification & statutory requirements - impact of new rules & regulations; Sea keeping & manoeuvring - thrusters, dynamic positioning, trials, evaluation,  Crew safety & comfort ­ fatigue, health & safety, environment, operation, Powering & propulsion - all-electric and hybrid-electric propulsion, system layout, fuel saving,  Construction, machinery & equipment - materials, techniques, quality control, products, power plant


Human Factors in Ship Design & Operation, February 27th 2014, London UK

This conference aims to bring together international specialists and professionals including designers, ship operators, seafarers, equipment manufacturers and regulators to highlight how an improved understanding of human factors can reduce costs and improve safety.Topics may include: Design for occupational health and safety•Integration of human factors into the design process, Feedback from the users into the design loop, Examples of practical applications of human factors engineering, Design of navigation & control systems, Maritime operating organisations and teamwork, Safety performance and management, Survivability, escape and evacuation systems,  Habitability


Port & Maritime Security Conference 2013, 29th July, Melbourne, Australia

The Port & Maritime Security Conference provides a timely opportunity to address the policy, security and technological initiatives protecting Australia's maritime transport system and offshore facilities

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