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Subject : eMaritime Evens for 15th June 2013

Pacific 2013: International Maritime Conference, October, Sydney, Australia

The International Maritime Conference will have approximately 60 papers arranged in two streams of parallel sessions so as to give registrants a wide choice of papers on topics such as Commercial Ship Technology, Naval Ship Technology, Submarine Technology, Commercial Ship Operations,  Maritime Safety,  Maritime Environment Protection


Design & Operation of Passenger Ships Conference, November 2013, London UK

The need to balance economic and environmental efficiency with increased passengers expectations of comfort and onboard amenities, along with improved passenger and crew safety, brings new challenges for those involved in the design, construction and operation of today’s passenger and cruise vessels.


ICSOT India: Technological Innovations in Shipbuilding, December 2013, Kharagpur, India

The third International Conference on Ship & Offshore Technology - India 2013 will take "Technological Innovation in Shipbuilding" as its theme. Topics will include: Design and construction of all ship types, Fabrication and welding technology, Corrosion and coating technology, Project management, Material Developments; alloys, composites, etc, Quality Assurance, Regulation, System integration.

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