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Subject : eMAR Events - 19/12/2015

Digital Ship Copenhagen, 5 April 2016, Copenhagen
This Conference will address strategic and practical challenges that all companies are facing at present. As well as covering innovation in maritime communication, technical developments and safety, training and navigation, it will also be looking at strategic drivers in the maritime business. 

Global Liner Shipping, 12 April 2016, London UK
Explore consolidation, collaboration and the future of container shipping. Highlights for 2016 include: Alliances revisited; Freight rate forum, Shippers’ wish list, Revisions to SOLAS, UK port development: the North/South divide. Panama versus Suez Canals 

Innovations in Small Craft Technology 2016, 13 April, London UK
Few sectors of the maritime industry have seen greater innovation in design than the small craft sector. Both commercial and recreational small craft have benefited from the inspirational ideas of designers. This conference aims to review the new and innovative technologies available to the small craft designer and builder.

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