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Subject : eMAR Events - 21/11/2015

Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, 11 January 2016 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
The International exhibition of green-marine technologies and propulsion systems. The exhibition will showcase the very latest and next-generation electric and hybrid marine propulsion technologies. 

Smart Ships Technology 2016, 26 January, London UK
With the rapid increase in computing power and communication technology, what will be the full impact of the digital age on ship design? Is the shipping industry going to benefit from the “big data” revolution? What are the real technical possibilities, limits and potential benefits for the shipping industry? 

International e-Navigation Underway Conference 2016, 2 February, Copenhagen/Oslo
The International e-Navigation Underway Conference 2016 is organised by the Danish Maritime Authority in association with IALA.

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