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Subject : eMAR Events - 05/09/2015

MED SECURITY SUMMIT, 16 September 2015, Genoa Italy
the Med Security Summit will bring together a series of experts to examine and discuss the problems particular to shipping and maritime security in the Mediterranean. This event will take a holistic approach to examining the critical issues that distinguish a series of problems particular to the Mediterranean and those countries bordering it. 

8th Short Sea Euro, 23 September 2015, Bremen Germany
For the past 7 years maritime & transport professionals involved in the shortsea supply chain sector have gathered at the Shortsea Euro events. The programme consists of informative presentations, case studies and market intelligence sessions delivered by industry professionals expert in their relevant topic or field. 

Offshore Patrol Vessels Conference, 29 September 2015, Rome, Italy
Conference topics cover the challenges of maritime policing: countering illicit flows including migration, piracy, SAR, pollution monitoring, fishery protection and EEZ patrol. Through assessing platforms and auxiliary technologies, delegates benefit from a clear understanding of the technologies on offer and the best path to balancing capability and affordability.

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