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Subject : eMAR Events - 11/07/2015

FAST 2015 - 13th International Conference on Fast Sea Transportation, 1 September, Washington DC USA
The aim of the Conference is promoting the world-wide cooperation among scientists, engineers and operators who are concerned with all the aspects of the high-speed maritime industry. 

Marine Design 2015, 2 September, London, UK
The conference will present technical papers on a number of aspects of Marine Design, including: Design Visualisation; Human System Integration; Maritime Security, Sustainability in construction;  Sustainability in operation; Implementation of regulations; Virtual work/learning environments 

2015 SAFETY4SEA Athens Forum, 7 October, Greece
ConferenceTopics include Regulatory Developments (IMO, EU, US); Forthcoming Legislation and Compliance Management, Best Practices in Safety, Quality, Sustainability; HR Management, Training & Development; Human Element issues , STCW, ILO MLC; Risk Management, Loss Prevention & Vetting; Safety, Security & Quality Programs; Security and Anti Piracy

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